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Vacancy add for consultants Scoping Study on planned project “Skills Development for Migrants in Morocco”

Morocco in 2014/15 regularized roughly 26’000 immigrants and now is embarking on integrating them.  A currently unknown number of Moroccans who migrated for work come back every year, some of  them with unsuccessful migration outcomes and corresponding financial difficulties, and some of them
non-voluntarily. Economic integration frequently proves difficult, both for immigrants and for returnees.

All currently applied approaches for economic integration of migrants in Morocco focus on weakening  disadvantages, access problems, and discrimination. The project takes a different approach,  capitalizing on comparative strengths of immigrants and returnees. The new Moroccan skills  development strategy (Stratégie Nationale de la Formation Professionnelle 2021) foresees recognition  of prior learning and system permeability.
The dual-cooperative skills development system is recognized as one of the main reasons for  Switzerland’s competitiveness and innovation. Switzerland has long and strong experience in applying  this skills development approach in third countries to improve labor market access for disadvantaged  groups. Hospitality skills development has proven to be especially suited for employment creation with  excluded populations. The Employment Fund in Nepal is considered as SDC’s reference for this type  of project (see also adaptation of approach in Mekong Region and in West Africa). Typical design
elements of such approaches include:
 Support for the development of National Qualification Frameworks (NQF), in order to translate  commitments for recognition of prior learning and system permeability into real access  opportunities for people without formal education system credentials
 Practice before theory – immigrants and returnees work by applying the skills they bring with  them (=> cooperation between employers and skills development service providers => work &  skills development contracts, incentivized through scholarships or similar support schemes)
 Modular upskilling, one skill after another, but aiming at defined skill sets/professions  (reception, house-keeping, chef etc.); life skills included; recognition of prior learning –  individual skills are certified whenever excellence is achieved (see “passport for success”,  LUXDEV/LANITH Laos)
 Permeability from non-formal into formal education => certified skill sets provide equivalence  to national diplomas
 Private Public Partnerships: employers (private), skills development service providers  (certification/franchising => private and/or public), certifiers (public).

The project is planned to be submitted for funding to the EU Trust Fund Migration in late 2016. Project
duration will be four years (2017-2020) Tendering is foreseen for early 2017.

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