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Terms of reference to provide Coaching for Elected Members of the Regional Council of Tangier Tetouan Al Hoceima Region (TTA RC)

The TTAH RC has experienced several changes at the political level during the last three months. These include a change of president and the nomination of a new political bureau with a new political coalition to lead the Council during the remaining months of its mandate. In addition to these political changes, there have been changes in positions and roles for some elected members which involve new responsibilities.

A coaching consultant will cover the need to harmonize the existing profiles of identified elected members at the Regional Council with their new roles within the two institutions, and to ensure that the new political bureau, presidents of committees and presidents of political groups will be equipped with the necessary knowledge for the efficient execution of their duties. The aim is to facilitate the capacity building of the identified elected officials with precision, consistency and a better understanding of responsibilities and processes.

TASHAROC intends to provide the coaching in collaboration with the Regional Council. This support will be comprised of two elements: group training sessions and personal mentoring. This assignment will run in close Coaching and Crisis Management under the TASHAROC project.

As part of its technical assistance to the Regional Council, TASHAROC therefore wishes to hire a consultant to coach key Regional Council elected officials on the following themes:

– Non-Violent Communication: this should cover best practices in communication for the efficient delivery of political messages, ideas and perspectives during meetings and campaigns.

– Conflict Management: this should cover the ways in which conflict should be managed in the day-to day situations that an elected official may find themself in, with the use of practical tactics and tools.

– Personal Posture: thisshould coverthe elected official’s personal posture by learning how he can work on himself in order to represent himself best within public institutions or his community in general. Working closely with the Regional Council and two other consultants, the expert will be expected to:

– Develop group training session agenda content for the identified elected officials -while coordinating its implementation with the two other consultants- including objectives, indicators of success, final results and techniques, tests to be used in the coaching, training materials etc.

– Organize interviews with the identified elected officials at the Regional Council to understand all the aspects of capacity building needs specific to each individual.

– Develop a personalized coaching plan for the elected officials and implement it: individual coaching sessions with identified elected officials based on the needs assessment and takeaways from the group training sessions.

– Provide a progress report on the coaching.

– Provide an implementation report at the end of the coaching sessions.

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