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Under the supervision of the EL Manager, the EL Coordinator provides essential administrative support of the English Language program and coordination of the AMIDEAST Rabat EL teachers.


Regular support to teachers

• Provide regular teacher support on pedagogical matters (e.g., help with lesson planning, course design, classroom management, and handling discipline issues).
• Provide regular teacher support, if needed, with issues of cultural understanding and adaptation, both in order to help teachers relate better to their students and adapt to life in Morocco.
• Foster a dynamic sense of team and positive involvement in the program on the part of teachers.
• Organize and implement the use of AMIDEAST’s Learning Management System (LMS) so that teachers are able to efficiently complete student class attendance and grades for each session.
• Organize and lead or co-lead in-house teacher development sessions (1-2 sessions per 10-week term).
• Organize teacher observations twice per year (fall and spring). As assigned by the EL Manager, conduct observations of teachers.
• Develop a plan for and facilitate peer-to-peer observations and encourage other ways for teachers to collaborate with and support each other.
• Maintain and update, both online and in hard copies, collateral teaching materials organized by class/level.
• Create and maintain pacing documents for the Teachers’ Resource Center and the LMS.
• Regularly update the Teacher’s Handbook and other materials needed to give to new teachers and use as a resource for all teachers.
• In coordination with the EL Manager, plan and run an annual teacher orientation with sessions and activities that inform teachers of key information and build a strong sense of team.
• Order, organize and provide to teachers books, lockers and keys, USBs with the audiovisual files and course plans. Ensure that teachers return materials when finished with them, with assistance from the EL Facilities Intern.
• Arrange subs or make-ups for absent teachers.
• Monitor that teachers are in their classroom at least 5 minutes before class starts, and that classes and breaks start and finish on time.
• As necessary, serve as a liaison between teachers and the Human Resources Manager regarding the carte de sejour process.
• Support teachers by solving and/or reporting technical problems (e.g., with TVs, wifi, laptops, HDMI cables).
• With assistance from the EL Facilities Intern, organize, monitor and maintain (with the teachers’ help) the Teachers Room, including the photocopiers, PCs, and reference materials library.
• With assistance from the EL Facilities Intern, track, re-order when necessary, and provide to teachers supplies as needed (photocopier paper, markers, erasers, scissors, tape, colored pencils, folders, etc) throughout the year
• Order from Abderezak and maintain a teachers’ book stock.
• Verify and submit teachers’ monthly timesheets to the EL Manager.
• Supporting the EL Manager with updating curriculum (e.g., assessments), and printing assessments for teachers as necessary.
• Communicate and ensure teacher compliance with standards of professionalism (e.g., punctuality and appropriate dress).
• Collaborate with the EL Manager to run regular teacher meetings.

General program, student and client support

• Provide input to the EL Manager regarding assigning teachers to classes. Call and inform teachers about their classes.
• Conduct room checks and coordinate with the Facilities Assistant and EL Facilities Intern so that any issues (chairs, desks, whiteboards, lights, AC units, etc) can be flagged and addressed quickly.
• Supervise the ordering, printing and distributing of EL certificates.
• Track average class size statistics, discussing with the EL Manager trends and issues to address.
• Create a plan for distributing student surveys and execute the plan with support from the Customer Service Representatives so that client feedback is recorded and tracked per session.
• Lead the volunteer team to help guide students to class at the beginning of each session, and print attendance sheets for double or triple classes of the same level and put them on the doors.
• When assigned by the EL Manager, serve as the main point of contact with corporate clients for onsite and/or offsite classes.
• Provide input on all public relations, and marketing materials.
• Develop a program of enhancement activities designed to engage current and prospective students with English-related opportunities both in and outside class. Coordinate with CSR and Social Media staff to publicize these activities at reception and online.
• Serve as a backup teacher in emergency situations.

This position description is not intended to be all-inclusive, and the incumbent will perform other reasonable business-related duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor and other managers when necessary. AMIDEAST reserves the right to change duties and responsibilities as the need arises. This position description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.


The qualifications, knowledge, and qualities expected to successfully fulfill the responsibilities of this position are:

• B.A. degree
• CELTA, PCELT, or equivalent certification. A Master’s degree in TEFL, Applied Linguistics or other related field can substitute this certification, based on relevance and applicant’s overall experience, and is preferred.
• Demonstrated experience (2+ years) coordinating projects and managing logistics of training-related activities/programs.
• 2+ years of teaching experience in Morocco is preferred, but not required.
• Experience working with teachers in a trainer, mentor, or coach capacity preferred.
• Knowledge and understanding of the student-centered approach to education and the communicative approach to language learning.
• Experience designing curriculum and assessment means preferred.
• A level of comfort with IT and ability to learn how to use a Learning Management System
• Knowledge and understanding of Moroccan culture and educational environment.
• Team-oriented with the ability to work effectively with diverse teacher groups.
• Ability to communicate appropriately and effectively with students, parents, teachers and AMIDEAST staff.
• Ability to problem solve and address contentious issues fairly and expeditiously.

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