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FHI 360 recrute un Webmaster

Lieu : Rabat

Poste : Webmaster


FHI 360 and partners, International Research and Exchange Board (IREX), Education for Employment (EFE) and Golden Resources (GR), will implement the USAID CAREER CENTER in Morocco. The activity will be implemented in close coordination with Government of Morocco (GOM) counterparts, the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Education. USAID CAREER CENTER will play a central role in advancing USAID/Morocco and the GOM’s broader goal of increasing the employability of young Moroccans. The project will establish career development centers linked to universities and the vocational training system and incorporate work readiness training into the Moroccan tertiary education system, vocational training system, and workplaces where these skills will contribute to the employability and performance of youth in the workplace.

The USAID CAREER CENTER’s theory of change is based on the premise that the most powerful way to achieve systemic change is by affecting people’s mindsets. In this case, the mindsets of youth, and employers, are fundamental to achieving better outcomes in the labor market and smoother transitions for youth between education and employment. For example, (see graphic below) there are universal questions about one’s future that youth ask themselves at different phases of their lives: “What will I do in the future,” “Who am I,” and “Will I be fulfilled?” In the graphic below, the first response represents what their answer is likely to be before (or without) the USAID CAREER CENTER intervention. The second response represents the ideal attitude, which we would expect to see in the case of a successful intervention(s).

The USAID Career Center program seeks to develop a perennial model of Career Center which services are delivered through both the dedicated physical facilities housed in three state universities and three professional training centers, and online via a virtual Career Center. In fact, the Virtual Career Center allows all students in Morocco to access, wherever they are and at any time, the services offered online. The website was launched at the end of May 2016.


The objective of the present mission is to continuously feed adequate content into the website and boost its traffic.

Performance Objectives

To this end, the Virtual Career Center Web master will have to:

  1. Follow up the establishment of a relational database on jobs, trainings and institutions;
  2. Improve the existing sections
  3. Analyze the website traffic in order to improve and tailor the content according to user demand. In this regard, a monthly report shall be drawn up on website traffic statistics;
  4. Produce content (included infographics)
  5. Prepare a monthly report on the website traffic statistics enclosed with a brief analysis
  6. Develop a database on jobs, trainings and institutions fed by data from higher education institutions (private and public)
  7. Produce a quarterly report on the website activity and analysis, and it shall include recommendations. 


  1. Skill requirements
  • Knowledge of Indesign, Photoshop, etc.
  • Familiarity with database-management systems
  • Strong command of SQL
  • Knowledge of digital image processing software
  • Project planning and management
  • Excellent writing skills in French
  • Strong command of French Language
  • Good command of English
  1. Personal Attributes
  • Interest in web-related technologies
  • Artistic and technical creativity
  • Coordination and Organization skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Proactivity

Reporting line

This position reports directly to the Technical Director.

Performance period

The performance period assigned to this position is from November 12th 2018 to July 31st 2019. The total of work days is estimated at 185 days


To apply to this position please send your CV before the 7th of November 2018 to the following mail address  

Please mention the “Webmaster ” in subject.

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