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Terms of reference to support the update and implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual and the Job description for the Regional Council of Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceïma (RC TTA)


TASHAROC is a three-year project (2018-2021) based in Tangier and is funded by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office to support the Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceïma (TTAH) Regional Council in the regionalisation process. As part of the programme to support the Regional Council, TASHAROC will provide capacity building and technical assistance across a range of areas in support of the Regional Council’s mandate.

Regional Council of Tangier – Tetouan – Al Hoceima (RC TTA)

The RC is an elected local body governed by public law and is, according to Organic Law 111-14, in charge of various development areas in the region. The RC of the TTAH region is one of the 12 regional councils of Morocco that constitute the first administrative division in the framework of advanced regionalisation.

Mission and Scope of work

In a context marked by the increased pace of reforms concerning advanced regionalisation, the Regional Councils’ prerogatives have been greatly extended. In this regard, to foster the autonomy and free administration of regional councils, the organic law 111.14 endowed these political institutions with two strategic and complementary directorates: (I)The General Directorate of Services, and (ii) the Presidency and Council Affairs Directorate.

The administration of the Regional Council of Tangier – Tetouan – Al Hoceima (RC TTA), like other RCs in Morocco, combines both operational tasks with political oversight. Indeed, the President of the RC is the head of the administration, who directs the administrative services of the region, oversees the management of its affairs and appoints individuals to positions within the administration.

TASHAROC supported the RC and its Executive agency (AREP) in developing two SOP Manuals and job description guides that take into consideration their specificities while adopting international standards in terms of quality management and process approaches. This support resulted in developing a map of key processes within the RC TTA and AREP, and flowcharts representing the different interactions and document/information exchanges between services and divisions both at the intra and inter-institutional level. The work on these processes and flowcharts has taken into consideration several elements, such as the quality and practicality of existing operating procedures in each institution, the outcomes of the parallel assignment on organisational structures and job descriptions, and the prerogatives of the RC and AREP according to the existing legal framework.

During its July 2020 session, the RC readjusted its organigramme and adopted its new version to better reflect the key prerogatives of the RC and foster coherence and smooth communication between its internal divisions. This new organigramme includes many recommendations developed by TASHAROC during its previous technical assistance and now provides a good base for the update and implementation of the previously developed SOP and job description guides.

In this context, TASHAROC is seeking a consultant to provide this technical assistance, the specifics of which are detailed in the next paragraph.

Working closely with the RC, and in coordination with TASHAROC information systems consultants, the SOP and job description consultant will be expected to:

  • Update the description of the administrative, financial and accounting organisation and the main missions of the General Directorate of Services (DGS) based on the process approach previously developed by TASHAROC,
  • Update the risk matrix of processes previously developed by TASHAROC,
  • Update the SOP manual developed by TASHAROC according to the new organigramme adopted in July 2020 by the RC,
  • Update existing template documents and develop new templates for all existing procedures in the SOP manual,
  • Develop a guide for the implementation of the SOP with key indicators and follow up tasks to be conducted by the DGS,
  • Update the job description guide developed by TASHAROC for the RC TTA according to the new organigramme,
  • Provide technical assistance to TASHAROC’s information systems consultants in charge of digitalising key procedures (HR, conventions, registry office, purchasing),
  • Provide training for key staff members on the implementation of the SOP and the job description guide and facilitate a validation workshop for the updated documents.

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