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Business Development project manager

  • Position title: Business Development Project Manager
  • Main role: assists the Operations Director in developing, managing, and reporting of
    partnerships programs
  • Position type: Full-time (CDD, 1 year)
  • Location: Must be based in Rabat or Casablanca

Key responsibilities:

Prospecting potential partners:

○ Building a data basis of potential business partners, institutional partners;
○ Building a data basis and calendar of call for funds and grants;
○ Coordinating prospection activities following operations director insights.

Developing and writing proposals for potential business and institutional

○ Assessing potential partners needs;
○ Writing proposals that answer potential partners needs and align with Enactus
○ Participating in relevant meetings with partners.


○ Regular reporting about partners program relevant report.

Other duties and projects might be assigned.

Education, Experience and Certifications:

● At least a bachelor degree or equivalent in any relevant field (Management, Business,
Project management …);
● Must have at least 6 months of relevant work experience. Previous non-profit experience is
helpful, but not required;
● English and/or French language (TOEFL, TCF …) are helpful, but not required;
● Applications from a former member of an Enactus team are strongly encouraged.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
● Excellent writing skills in French and English;
● Good written and verbal communication skills in English and French, as needed to perform
duties in a professional manner;
● Ability to multitask and be flexible, while working in a fast paced environment;
● Organization and time-management skills to plan, organize tasks, and set priorities;
● Solutions-oriented skills in dealing with a variety of interests and personalities;
● Proficient with Microsoft Office products;
● Must be willing and able to travel frequently within Morocco.

Application process: Please send your resume and cover letter to no later than the 22nd of March, 2019.