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Executive Director ITPC-MENA

Summary of Primary Functions

Under the authority of ITPC-MENA Board of Directors, the Executive Director is expected to be a strong organizational leader and manager responsible for:

  • Overseeing the development of the organization’s strategic plans and ensuring that the goals of the strategic plan are implemented;
  • Ensuring that staff work plans are developed and monitored in alignment with the strategic plan
  • Managing organizational finances within executive limitations–including overseeing the development and monitoring of the budget;
  • Ensuring, with Board and staff support, that the organization’s revenue goals are met;
  • Reporting to the Board and external funders as required;
  • Promoting and protecting the organization’s public image and credibility with key stakeholders including members, partner organizations, government agencies, and funders;
  • Ensuring all human resources functions are managed according to the law and following best practices;
  • Ensuring that the organization’s assets–human, financial and physical–are well managed and protected;
  • Ensuring the development and management of the organization’s operational policies and procedures (administrative, financial & program policies);
  • Supporting the Board in its governance activities;
  • Evaluating the organization’s overall impact; and
  • Meeting the organization’s other operational goals and objectives.

The position is based at ITPC-MENA office in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Key Responsibilities

1 Leadership

The Executive Director shows operational leadership by:

  • Ensuring that all operational goals and risk management objectives are met, and by establishing and maintaining a supportive work environment;
  • Building a sense of ownership, passion and pride in the organization’s work among its staff, volunteers and partner networks;
  • Demonstrating accountability to the organization’s members;
  • Representing the organization professionally in key national, regional and international forums; and
  • Contributing to and communicating the organization’s mission, vision and strategy in all aspects of the work.

2 Governance Support

The Executive Director is responsible for supporting the Board’s role in governance and planning by:

  • Serving as an ex-officio member of the Board and any designated committees, which includes attending all meetings of the Board and standing committees and reporting as necessary;
  • Ensuring Board and standing committee minutes are taken and circulated;
  • Managing the planning for the annual general meeting, under the guidance of the Board;
  • Supporting the process of Board-led strategic plan development.
  • Providing the Board with the tools it needs to fulfill their other governance tasks.

3 Finance, Resource Mobilization (Fundraising/ Fund Development) & Operations

The Executive Director manages the organization’s finances and resource mobilization by:

  • Directing the preparation of the annual budget for approval by the board; monitoring expenditures and revenues during the year and reporting on those as required; ensuring the proper use of funds within budget guidelines and recommending action when necessary to ensure that financial targets are met;
  • Developing and implementing a resource mobilization strategy and overseeing the coordination of all resource mobilization activities, including overseeing the preparation and submission of grant applications;
  • Establishing and reviewing operational financial and administrative policies and procedures to ensure financial risks are managed and that a safe and comfortable workplace environment is maintained;

4 Program Development, Implementation & Evaluation

The Executive Director ensures that programs are developed, implemented, evaluated and improved by:

  • Ensuring that annual program work plans align with strategic priorities, and ensuring their ongoing monitoring;
  • Ensuring that any new programs are developed in accordance with the mission, vision, articles of association and the goals of the strategic plan, and that all programs are continually improved based on evidence and analysis;
  • Ensuring that programs are evaluated and meet any quality targets set by the Board;
  • Providing direction and support to the staff in the implementation of their program responsibilities;
  • Monitoring staff activities and results to ensure that work plan goals are met; and becoming involved in hands-on activities with staff only as the need arises and in order to ensure program goals are met; and
  • Identifying advocacy opportunities to the Board and to staff that fit with the strategic plan, overseeing the implementation of advocacy activities, and leading those advocacy activities where appropriate.

5 Communications

The Executive Director leads organizational internal and external communications by:

  • Ensuring that all organization messaging and communication to appropriate governments, the private sector, the general public a) moves forward the organization’s advocacy agenda; b) maintains a positive organizational profile;
  • Personally liaising with national, regional and international partner organizations and key population networks and other stakeholders as required in order to establish and maintain the confidence of the relationship and to advance communities programs and activism;
  • Developing and maintaining cordial relations with other civil society organizations in our sector (and beyond our sector as required), and by identifying possible areas of cooperation or partnership relevant to the goals and work of ITPC-MENA;
  • Acting as the media spokesperson for ITPC-MENA and being responsible for identifying spokespersons/ focal points for specific issues;
  • Monitoring current national, regional and global events and trends for their impact on ITPC-MENA and making recommendations to the Board for any action that may be appropriate;

6 Personnel

The Executive Director leads the organization’s paid staff and consultants by:

  • Ensuring that human resources policies comply with national laws and international human rights standards as well as managing organizational risk;
  • Ensuring a supportive staff environment;
  • Ensuring the recruitment, hiring, orientation, supervision, monitoring, evaluation, and if necessary the discipline and/or termination of staff;
  • Ensuring appropriate volunteer policies are in place;
  • Ensuring the maintenance of personnel records and that staff are advised on employee benefits;
  • Ensuring staff performance appraisals and annual goal setting occur;
  • Ensuring that a program of staff development, knowledge transfer and ongoing learning is in place
  • Leading and motivating staff members by demonstrating the highest standard of ethical conduct, work ethic and passion to work on behalf of communities.

Job Requirements


  • Masters level in management or public health.

Skills, Knowledge & Experience:

  • At least four years of team management, leadership and human resources experience.
  • Strong capacity in problem analysis and solving with creative thinking to make decisions.
  • Capacity for clear and effective communication, bridge-building and working in coalition with a diverse group of stakeholders, including community members, grassroots activists, advocates, academic researchers, policymakers, donors and members of the media.
  • Capacity to lead and develop advocacy strategies in challenging legal, political and economic environments.
  • Ability to motivate and coordinate the work of a highly capable staff and consultants around the world.
  • Experience utilizing social media and online communications to advance policy and programmatic work.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and commitments simultaneously while maintaining clear focus on priorities.
  • Strong English and French written and oral communication skills, including public speaking. Fluency in Arabic language is also a plus
  • Team-oriented, collaborative management style combined with an ability to provide strong, principled leadership.
  • Ability to manage all aspects of an NGO in transition, including management of onsite and offsite staff, financial management, fundraising, program development and oversight, communications and board relations.
  • Able to travel internationally.


Please send a cover letter, resume and any supporting documents (eg. letters from previous employer, funder or partners) to before 10 March 2020 at noon (12:00) MoroccoTime.

People who are living with HIV (or affected by) are STRONGLY encouraged to apply.  ITPC-MENA is committed to maintaining a non-discriminatory work environment that values diversity and inclusion and does not discriminate against any employee or candidate for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, and disability, history of incarceration, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.


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