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Financial and sponsoring manager


A Project of The J. Christopher Stevens Initiative

Developed by

Neighborhoods Association Idmaj  and Chicago Sister Cities International

Location of vacancy: 30 Rue Mohamed Kamal, Centre Commercial Sidi Belyout, Casablanca, and Idmaj Cultural Sid Moumen Cultural Centers.

Salary Range: Between 7000 and 8500 MAD/Month depending on his/her experience
Type of Position: Full Time Equivalent with flexible working hours
Hours per week: 40 hrs 

Email: /

Phone: 0661373534/ 0660148250

Deadline of Applications: January 30th, 2019

Financial and Sponsoring Manager:

Purpose: Support Program Director in all aspects of program with special attention to the financial management of the grant.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for all financial accounting and transactions related to the grant including certifying sub-awards, handling disbursements, purchases, wire transfers, and producing financial reports
  • Ensure that the project’s financial records and record keeping methods are in compliance with applicable standards and regulations
  • Assist in monitoring the program as directed by management, and see the program through to completion
  • Generate memos, emails and reports when appropriate
  • Assume responsibility for maintenance of all office equipment
  • Maintain office supplies by checking inventory and ordering items
  • Respond to questions and requests for information
  • Help the project director with grant search to provide necessary equipment for students and classes and to insure the sustainability of the project

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree with minimum of 3 years of work experience or Master’s Degree with 2 years of work experience.

Preferred Qualifications: Preferred candidates will have experience working in finances, budget analysis and reporting, and accounting and bookkeeping; with experience in management and ability to work with students, teachers, educators, businessmen and government officials; international relations, public affairs, universities, language centers, exchange programs and others similar sectors.

Employee must have knowledge of program area.

Employee must be able to manage multiple tasks at once with constant interruptions.

Employee must have excellent customer service skills.

Employee must have strong organizational skills.

Employee must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Employee must possess excellent interpersonal skills.

Employee must be able to evaluate information analytically and verify that information is correct.

Employee must be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, faculty, staff partners, general public, & other constituent groups & be flexible in accommodating their needs.

Employee must be able to maintain confidentiality.

Employee must have excellent English, French and Arabic language skills.

The STEAMuseum is one of the first set of ten projects funded by the Stevens Initiative, a public-private partnership that was created in 2015 to support virtual exchanges between youth in the United States and the Middle East and North Africa as a lasting tribute to the legacy of Ambassador Chris Stevens. By fostering structured online engagements between young people in secondary through post-secondary education, the Stevens Initiative aims to increase mutual understanding and equip a generation of globally minded youth with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

Planning began in spring of 2016, and the pilot project launched in the 2016-17 academic school year between four high school classes in Chicago and four in Casablanca. Highlights of the project are summarized below.

Project Description

The STEAMuseum project brings students together virtually from Casablanca and Chicago to create a series of digital exhibits that will make up an eventual virtual museum. The goal is to provide a project and challenge that students can work on together as a way to get to know one another, practice collaboration, and in the process develop a new kind of cultural digital space that engages their generation.

“STEAM” stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art—and in this case—Museum. These are disciplines and practices that cross cultures and provide common ground for people from different backgrounds to get to know one another. The first set of exhibits focused on a major recent dinosaur discovery in Morocco, Spinosaurus.

Project goals include:

  • build positive relationships between students and teachers from Arabic speaking countries and the United States;
  • improve participants’ understanding, appreciation and empathy for one another’s lives and cultures by fostering constructive dialogue and collaborating on a shared project;
  • expand students’ skills, interest in and comfort working with digital media;
  • increase students’ knowledge about and interest in STEAM subjects;

practice and become more comfortable communicating in multiple languages and learn strategies for overcoming communication challenges.