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Political Coaching for Elected Members of the Regional Council of Tangier Tetouan Al Hoceima Region (TTA RC)


TASHAROC is a two-year project based in Tangier and is funded by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office to support the Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceïma (TTAH) Regional Council in the regionalisation process. As part of the programme to support the Regional Council, TASHAROC will provide capacity building and technical assistance across a range of areas in support of the Regional Council’s mandate. Regional Council (RC)

The RC is an elected local body governed by public law and is, according to Organic Law 111-14, in charge of various development areas in the region. The RC of the TTAH region is one of the 12 regional councils of Morocco that constitute the first administrative division in the framework of advanced regionalisation.


The Regional Agency for the Execution of Projects (AREP) is a new agency set up in 2017, whose mandate is to take over the role of central agencies in funding regional development projects. It is designed as the executive arm of the regional councils (RC) to deliver the PDR projects.

Plan de Développement Régional (PDR)

The RC must develop and implement a six-year PDR which includes a diagnostic of regional development priorities and must conform to national policies and strategies. The PDR was finalised and approved by the RC on 25 April 2017, and it lists 45 individual projects. These 45 projects are graphically presented in the PDR as falling into the following technical areas: Increasing the Attractiveness of the Region, Economic Competitiveness, Social Development and Valorisation of Tangible & Intangible Assets.

Mission and scope of work:

The TTAH RC has experienced several changes at the political level during the last three months. These include a change of president and the nomination of a new political bureau with a new political coalition to lead the council during the remaining year of its mandate. In addition to these political changes, there have been changes in positions and roles for some elected members which involve new responsibilities.

A political coaching consultant will assist in covering the need to harmonize the identified elected members’ profiles at the Regional Council with their new roles within the two institutions. The coaching would tackle themes in the sphere of political sensitivity, political stakeholder management, negotiations and political consensus. The aim is to facilitate the collective political intelligence and individual political capacities of the identified elected officials with precision, consistency and a better understanding of their responsibilities and the processes of the institution they are working in.

TASHAROC intends to provide political coaching as part of the Personal Development Coaching assignment. A Crisis Management assignment will also run in conjunction with the two. The expert will be expected to work closely with the Personal Training expert and the Crisis Management expert to ensure the consistency of the intervention. All three assignments will be carried out in collaboration with the Regional Council.

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