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Director of Creativity and Production

About The Anou Cooperative

The Anou Cooperative is a community of artisans working together to transform Morocco’s
current middleman focused craft economy into an artisan centered, 21st century craft economy.
Our cooperative is powered by our online marketplace that enables all artisans, regardless of
literacy or geographic location, to sell their work directly to customers around the world. Further,
our cooperative is fully managed and owned by artisans from our community.

About Anou Directors

Due to our artisan managed and owned structure, we seek directors to first and foremost
support the growth of our artisan team to ensure that artisans themselves can fully manage the
operations and growth of the Anou Cooperative. Each director must be willing and able to work
behind the scenes and through the artisan team to achieve the wider objectives of the Anou
Cooperative. An example of this, it is not the role of the Director to design for the artisan but to
enable the artisans to design for themselves. This position is a non-traditional director role.

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