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WWF Mediterranean North Africa is calling for a consultation on Assessment and Projections of Climate Change in the Sebou River Basin

Call for applications – Assessment and Projections of Climate Change in the Sebou River Basin

WWF Mediterranean North Africa is calling for a consultation on Assessment and Projections of Climate Change in the Sebou River Basin.

The Sebou river basin covers an area of 40,000 km2 encompassing 4 regions and 17 provinces in Morocco. Its water supply amounts to more than 5 billion m3/year, providing 30% of surface water resources and 20% of the country’s groundwater resources. The streams of Sebou are essential to the livelihood and sector based activities of over 6.2 million Moroccans. The Sebou Basin’s agricultural and industrial sector outcomes contribute significantly to the national economy.

The present consultation will contribute to the preparation of the 1st mission report relating to an evaluation study of climate change impact on the Sebou water resources. This report should present the assessment and projections of climate change in the Sebou basin.

In the context of this report, the Consultant must conduct a bibliographic study presenting and analysing the concepts relating to climate modelling, in particular:

  • Principles of climate modelling;
  • Fundamental differences between climate models;
  • Global and regional climate models;
  • Greenhouse gas emission scenarios;
  • Statistical and dynamical downscaling;
  • International experience regarding the usage of climate model results for the assessment of climate change impact on water resources.

The Consultant will have to complete an inventory of international scientific institutions that have conducted studies on climate projections in the Sebou basin area. He/She will have to present the results as well as provide systems of access to this data. The Consultant will have to obtain, at his/her expense, the results of different climate models including the possible greenhouse gas emission scenarios. These results should be in grid form (NetCDF or similar) for rainfall and temperature data by 2100, must have a time step of a maximum of 24 hours (24hrs, 12hrs, etc.) and a space step of 25km x 25km.

Based upon the collected data, the Consultant will have to produce climate data sets in adaptable formats (eg. Excel files, ASCII files) for different climatic parameters (daily, monthly and annually averages as well as monthly & annual maximums, etc.), and for different sub-basins and areas of Sebou basin that will be specified. After completion, the Consultant will then proceed with the selection and calculation of the climate indices, relating to thermal, rainfall and evapotranspiration aspects for different Sebou sub-basins.

Additionally, the Consultant must conduct in-depth analyses of the climate projection results using different models for greenhouse gas emission scenarios. The obtained results will be compared to the collected data available at ABHS (Agence du Bassin Hydraulique du Sebou) for different geographical units of Sebou Basin. The results of the assessment must be presented in graphical, tabular and cartographic formats.

The terms of reference of this call are detailed in french language in the attached file (Termes de référence LPM-2018-WSA1.2.4).

Other relevant information:

  • Hiring office: WWF Mediterranean North Africa
  • Contract: 3 months – starting : December 1st,  2018
  • Deadline  for applications: November 15, 2018
  • Deliverables:

o   Interim & Final Reports and a PowerPoint Presentation (in French language)

o   Synthesis Report (in English language)

  • Qualifications:

o   Engineer/Master’s degree or PhD in hydrometeorology/climatology, with strong scientific and technical skills in the field of hydrometeorological and climatological data processing.

o   A minimum of 15 years of professional experience.


Consultants or consulting firms are invited to submit their application (CV and financial offer), and a methodology note explaining how the applicant proposes to respond to the present consultation, in electronic format to the following address:, mentioning in the subject of the message Ref. LPM-2018-WS/A1.2.4 (Assessment and Projections of Climate Change in the Sebou River Basin), no later than November 15, 2018 before midnight (GMT+1).

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