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Terms of reference to providing technical mentoring

Terms of reference to providing technical mentoring to staff members of the
Regional Council of Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceïma and the Regional Agency for the
Execution of Projects (AREP) in auditing


TASHAROC is a two-year project based in Tangier and is funded by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office
to support the Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceïma (TTAH) Regional Council in the regionalisation process. As part of
the programme to support the Regional Council, TASHAROC will provide capacity building and technical
assistance across a range of areas in support of the Regional Council’s mandate.

Regional Council (RC)

The RC is an elected local body governed by public law and is, according to Organic Law 111-14, in charge of
various development areas in the region. The RC of the TTAH region is one of the 12 regional councils of
Morocco that constitute the first administrative division in the framework of advanced regionalisation.


The Regional Agency for the Execution of Projects (AREP) is a new agency set up in 2017, whose mandate is
to take over the role of central agencies in funding regional development projects. It is designed as the
executive arm of the regional councils to deliver the PDR projects.

Plan de Développement Régional (PDR)

The RC must develop and implement a six-year PDR which includes a diagnostic of regional development
priorities and must conform to national policies and strategies. The PDR was finalised and approved by the
RC on 25 April 2017, and it lists 45 individual projects. These 45 projects are graphically presented in the PDR
as falling into the following technical areas: Increasing the Attractiveness of the Region, Economic
Competitiveness, Social Development and Valorisation of Tangible & Intangible Assets.

Mission and Scope of work

TASHAROC has supported the RC and AREP to develop two Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manuals,
job descriptions, and a training plan followed by training sessions on soft skills and technical topics such as
public procurement, auditing, finance etc. These combined activities have the strengthened capacity of RC
and AREP staff in their core field and have raised awareness about the necessity of sustaining training
activities to ensure continual improvement of internal processes, and to ensure that these training sessions
have a measurable impact on areas in which the two institutions are lacking either knowledge or experience.
As a result, and following reflection on what has been achieved so far, TASHAROC plans to shift to a deeper
training approach for RC and AREP staff based on a close technical mentoring by experienced consultants in
key topics. This approach will be results-based and aims to meet the objectives of specific RC and AREP staff
in acquiring knowledge and experience that will improve their processes in identified areas. This approach is
intended to be complementary to the previous ‘classical’ approach and will fill the existing gaps and enable
all the staff to fulfil their function and operate efficiently, effectively and accountably.

Thus, TASHAROC is seeking three consultants to provide this technical assistance in auditing as one of the
four key topics (Public procurement, Finance and budgeting, Human Resources Management) the specifics
of this technical assistance are detailed in the next paragraph


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