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Call for short documentary movie on agro-ecology in Morocco

TERMS OF REFERENCE: for a production of a documentary on impacts of climate change
and gender norms and practices on rural women farmers and their successful transformative
agro-ecological strategies in Morocco.


Heinrich Boll Foundation (HBF) seeks a) to document the impact of climate change on the
livelihoods of rural women farmers, b) to understand the ways their gender intersects with and is
impacted by other social factors such as gender roles, expectations and other social norms and
practices held in their localities (intersectional factors) that affect especially women’s socialeconomic empowerment in Senegal, Morocco, Nigeria and Tunisia, and c) to collect success
stories on novel and transformative agro-ecological responses led by women in the four

HBF is producing the documentaries as part of its “Transform Africa” projects. The
documentaries will be accompanied by a short paper or booklet on the same subject. The
documentaries will form part of advocacy materials that will be used on both new and traditional
media to influence decision-makers within and outside the continent in order to provide support
to scale up adoption of agro-ecological practices and support women small holder farmers.

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