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Creative Associates International is soliciting offers for technical expertise

Creative Associates International, Inc., acting on behalf of the Fostering Peaceful Communities in Morocco (FPCM) project is soliciting offers for technical expertise in accordance with the Scope of Work included in Attachment 1, and Creative’s Consultant Agreement Terms and Conditions included in Attachment 2.

All correspondence and/or inquiries regarding this Request for Quotations (RFQ) must reference the above RFQ number, and be directed via email to: Creative intends to award a fixed price consultant agreement but reserves the right to make multiple awards or no award.

Please submit the following documents to provide a quote in response to this RFQ:

1) A technical statement that addresses technical knowledge and practical aspects that the Offeror has considered and will employ to carry out the scope of work;

2) An updated CV that reflects the education, skills, and experience required in Attachment 1, and demonstrates the ability to carry out the scope of work;

3) A proposed budget for completion of the work including explanation and justification of costs. A suggested template is included as Attachment 3. fa

4) Signed and completed forms as follows:

  • Attachment 4. Consent to Vet
  • Attachment 5. Nondisclosure agreement
  • Attachment 6. Past performance and reference check consent form
  • Attachment 7. Consultant Certification Form

Selection will be made on the basis of technical capability and overall best value. Modifications to this RFQ, including closing date extensions, will be posted on the Creative website. Please check the website for updates.

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doc 5. Nondisclosure Agreement 79 KB 339
doc 6. Past Performance and Reference Check Consent Form 69 KB 329
doc 7. Consultant Certification Form 42 KB 343
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