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The Near East Foundation (NEF) is seeking Local Consultant – Microfranchise Feasibility Study Development and Launch Preparations

1. Context

The Near East Foundation (NEF) is a U.S. based international development organization working  in Africa, the Middle East and Caucasus. NEF has worked in Morocco since 1987 to support  disadvantaged populations by improving their living conditions and working to ensure  sustainable community development

2. Summary of the Project

The Empowering Youth through Entrepreneurship in Morocco (EYEM) project works with Local  Youth Councils to organize outreach and recruit about 400 young people (ages 18-30) with an  interest in entrepreneurship and inclination to start their own businesses. The project will  create 250 new youth businesses, organize youth in at least four municipalities, and mobilize  technical, counseling, and financial resources to sustain youth business creation.

The EYEM project will establish a chain of micro-franchises. By providing a “business in a box”,  the project will allow participants with little to no business experience to become  entrepreneurs, not only resulting in a job for themselves but to also further stimulating the  local economy. To do this, the project will require the services a business specialist to conduct feasibility studies of proposed concepts.

3. Objectives of the Mission of the Consultant

The consultant will collaborate with an international microfranchise development expert to  collect information to complete a microfranchise business model based on feasibility studies  and to prepare the business concept for launch. Building on work undertaken by a team from  IBM Corporate Service Corps, which focused on a food delivery service microfranchise concept,  the consultant will work with the international consultant to collect information to complete a rapid feasibility study for this concept and others (as necessary) to ensure the sustainability of  the plan and prepare for the launch of the concept.

The local consultant will work with the microfranchise consultant, contributing information on:
• Market Analysis (Market Profile; Target Market and Characteristics; Market Potential  and Demand; Analysis of Competition)
• Supply Analysis
• Financial Analysis (start-up costs; operating costs; revenue projections; sources of  financing; profitability analysis)
• Market replication analysis

The international expert will provide specific guidance for the collection of this information.

The local consultant will collect information and provide local context in the development of  the final microfranchise concept and launch plan.

4. Expected Results

The consultant will collect quality information for the international microfranchise expert and  provide insight and advice in the finalization of the microfranchise concept and launch plan.

5. Location of Assignment

The micro-franchises will be developed in between El Jadida and Safi.

6. Mission Duration

The consultant will collect preliminary information (3 days) at the beginning of June. The  consultant will work with the international expert between June 13-18, 2016.

7. Qualifications and profile of the consultant:

• Demonstrated experience conducting feasibility studies and developing business plans.
• Advanced degree in business, entrepreneurship, or related field preferred.
• Experience collecting detailed market information.
• Experience with microfranchising a plus.
• Excellent collaboration and organizational skills.
• Professional capacity in French and English

8. Deliverables and Milestones

• Collection and delivery of specific information for market analysis, supply analysis, and  financial analysis based on guidance from international consultant (early June 2016).
• Participate in meetings with international consultant (June 13-18, 2016)
• Contribute to microfranchise concept and business launch plan.

9. Presentation of the Offer

(1) Current CV detailing related experience and providing references
(2) Sample of past feasibility study undertaken
(3) Financial proposal

10. Costs Incurred by Consultant

The consultant shall bear the cost of transport, accommodations, taxes and any other  miscellaneous fees. NEF will make available office materials necessary relative to the execution  of the mission (printing, publishing, digital media etc).

11. Deadline and Application:

Full applications should be submitted electronically via email to with the subject: Feasibility Study Consultancy. The deadline
for applications is 8 June 2016.