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International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)

Position Career Services STTA, Team Management Training
Service: Career Center (université)
Under the supervision of: Ms. Fatima El Hassni


Location: Rabat, Morocco
Date : February, 2018



USAID CAREER CENTER was awarded on February 12, 2015.  The USAID Morocco Career Center, implemented by FHI360 in collaboration with its partners, International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), Education for Employment (EFE) and Golden Resources (GR) is designed to help Moroccan employers and youth to convert a dynamic of too many youth and not enough jobs to one where firms actively seek productive young employees and youth proactively pursue attainable career paths in Morocco. In collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Executive Education and the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, the program is targeting youth with specific training that prepares them for career paths. The program is also engaging private-sector employers to offer them a value proposition that relates directly to the performance of their businesses through work-based learning strategies and services.

In order to fulfill IREX’s responsibilities under the work plan, IREX has identified a need to engage a Master of Ceremonies for the Employer Conference on January 18, 2018. H/She will serve as the host for the day, ensure a smooth transition between program sections, and keep the events for the day moving at the pre-agreed pace.


The objectives of this consultancy are presented below, with detailed activities in the following section:


Workshop/Training Development and Delivery

The consultant will develop and deliver in-country new training workshops (in French and English), which continue career center staff professional development which enables them to deliver gold standard career center services and develop career center products and procedures.



Workshop/Training Development and Delivery (Year Three Workplan Sub-activity 1.1)

Activity 1.1. The consultant will develop, and deliver in-country, up to one  new training modules (in French in response to professional development needs, which will enable career center staff to develop their skills on team management.

In addition to the presentation and session outline, the consultant will include facilitator notes to ensure training sessions can be passed on and delivered by someone else. For each day of new content, two days of development time are anticipated. The breakdown above includes a maximum of 2 days of ‘new content’ development, resulting in 2 days of preparation.

Activity 1.2. In total, when considering the need to deliver the training to all six Career Center directors in Rabat, the consultant will deliver a maximum of 2 days of face to face training.

The new module topic already  determined in partnership with the USAID Career Center Career Services Specialist and the consultant and so far, include:

Career Center Team Management with subtopics to include:

  1.  How to Succeed in Your Role as a Manager
  2. Proximity Team Management
  3. The Coach Manager
  4. Performance Development
  5. How to Motivate and Inspire Your Team
  6. Effective Delegation
  7. Anticipation and Conflict Management

This position will be based locally in Morocco


The Career Services STTA will report to the USAID Career Center Specialist, Fatima El Hassni, in Rabat and the IREX Program Manager, Stanley Currier, in Washington DC.


The consultant will deliver:

Deliverables Estimated LOE Due Date
Workshop/Training Development (all deliverables to be submitted following USAID Career Center branding guidelines in French  two weeks prior to training to allow time for review) 2 days January 2018
In-Country Training of Career Center  staff 2 Days January – February 2018



The total level of effort for this work will be 4 days between January, 2018 and February, 2018.


At least 5 years in management training in the following areas:-          Team Management-          Conflict Management-          Leadership

Good communication skills in both writing and speaking

Experience in developing training modules

Good skills in delivering workshops and trainings

Excellent level in French

Interpersonal skills

References related to the topics determined


The consultant will be engaged by IREX

To apply

Please send a resume and a cover letter to with “Career Services STTA” in the subject line by January 19th, 2018.