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Youth Component Coordinator



The Youth Component Coordinator will serve as part of the Youth Component team, under the Senior Youth Advisor, on the four-year USAID-funded Local Governance Project. Based in Rabat, the Coordinator will make frequent field visits to project locations. The component works in the regions of Fes-Boulmane, Doukkala-Abda, and Rabat-Sale-Zemmour-Zaer and is designed to assist local  governments in  increasing  the inclusion of  youth concerns and  expectations  in governance. Working  primarily  with  and  through  municipal  government  officials,  the  component  focuses  on building the capacity of government officials and youth.
In all of its activities and actions, the youth component seeks to synergize and coordinate with other components of the LGP-Morocco project. The youth component also works to complement and coordinate other youth programming undertaken with funds from USAID. The objectives of the LGP-Morocco youth component are to encourage local government and youth to understand the mutual value of dialogue and youth participation, and to institutionalize this dialogue in a way that promotes youth participation.  These objectives are realized through two overall missions:
Mission 1.4.1:

  •  Support local youth programming.

Mission 1.4.2 :

  •  Promote the participation of youth in community life.

The  Youth  Component  Coordinator  will  work  with  the  Senior  Advisor  in  the  planning  and implementation  of  a  multi-level  approach  that  works  with  local  governments  and  youth.  The Coordinator  will  work  with  the  Senior  Advisor  to  ensure  that  interventions  are  planned  and executed with quality, accountability, and measurable impact. Key responsibilities include: providing technical  assistance  in  youth  activities  and  programming;  coordinating  with  LGP  project components;  assisting  with  project  reporting  and  monitoring;  assisting  in  the  maintenance  of cooperative relationships with local partners and project managers; and assisting in the supervision and mentoring of component team members. 
Specific Activities

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Assist  the  Senior  Youth  Advisor  in  working  with  communes  to  establish  youth  consultative committees  under  the  communal  council  and  other  forms  of  structured  dialogue  with  youth groups.
  • Collaborate  with  and  assist  field  teams  in  Fes-Boulmane,  Doukkala-Abda,  and  Rabat-Sale-Zemmour-Zaer. Frequent travel to the field for meetings and events.
  • Assist in logistical arrangements and planning for trainings and other events organized as part of the youth component.
  • Facilitate a variety of workshops, as well as trainings for youth and elected officials.
  • Contribute to the production of project tools, training materials, and training modules.
  • Assist  in  aspects  of  project  management  for  the  youth  component,  including:  workplan preparation; reporting (monthly, quarterly, annual); monitoring and evaluation; and preparation of success stories and case studies.
  • Work closely with the Senior Youth Advisor and LGP coordinators and staff to assure seamless integration of youth activities with other components.
  • Conduct field research as necessary on the efficacy of youth engagement programming strategies to assist the DGCL, other Moroccan institutions, and USAID to better understand how best to reach Moroccan youth.
  • Other tasks as instructed by the Senior Youth Advisor and/or NEF designee. 

The Youth Component Coordinator reports  to  the  Senior  Youth Advisor,  and  coordinates work with the LGP project leadership team.
Position Requirements
The  candidate  for  the  Youth  Component  Coordinator  is  required  to  have  at  least  5  years  of experience working with youth, local governments, and community leaders. The Coordinator should have demonstrated experience coordinating with project teams and partners, managing logistics, and
writing reports. Fluency in English and Arabic is required, as well as professional competency in French,  along  with  the  attainment  of  at  least  a  Masters  degree  in  a  related  field.  The  Youth Component Coordinator must be able and willing to travel to project sites frequently. 
Fees and Reimbursement 
Fees for this position, subject to approval by USAID, will be determined based on experience and salary history based on full time employment.  
To  apply,  please  send  your  CV  and  cover  letter  to    with  a  copy  to  Applications must be received by May 17, 2013.