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SOCIAL ENTREPRISE COMPETITION “Provision of Employment and Inclusion Services for Youth in Morocco”


Provision of Employment and Inclusion Services for Youth in Morocco

Call for applications: Looking for partners social entrepreneurship organisations.


A call for applications to assist in the delivery of a Social Enterprise training and consultancy programme, for social entrepreneurship organisations who are looking to develop and grow their initiatives.

The British Council

The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide. We call this work ‘cultural relations’. We are on the ground in six continents and over 100 countries bringing international opportunity to life, every day. Each year we work with millions of people, connecting them with the United Kingdom, sharing our cultures and the UK’s most attractive assets: English, the Arts, Education and our ways of living and organising society.


The British Council’s Global Social Enterprise programme draws on the UK’s expertise to support the development of social enterprise and social investment in the UK and other countries and share best practice and create opportunities between them.

In October 2013, the British Council identified social enterprise and innovation as a key area of development for the Moroccan economy and society. In short, social enterprises are businesses with social missions that primarily reinvest the profits of their activities to further their mission. They do not work like a traditional business that aims to distribute profits among shareholders. The UK is the world leader in the field and recognises social enterprises as different from SMEs with their own company structures, legal frameworks and investment instruments.

In November 2013, the British Council commissioned a research report assessing the level and type of social enterprise activity in Morocco. SEUK designed an evaluation toolkit that was used by a team of the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (MCISE) researchers to collect data surveying the nature of social enterprise across the country. SEUK produced a final report based on their findings, which was publically presented at the international social enterprise forum in Morocco in March 2014, and formed the future outline of the British Council’s social enterprise work.

The report is the first of its kind in Morocco and it forms the foundation for future interventions and research studies conducted by the British Council and its partners in the field.

The World Bank has launched, with support of the Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF), a two-year programme to promote the social entrepreneurship/social innovation agenda in Morocco. The proposed program has three main components: (i) outreach and awareness raising through conferences, workshops, and media campaigns; (ii) selection, training, coaching, acceleration, and financing of a set of social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas; and (iii) information sharing (international best practices) to promote social enterprises.

As part of the project’s first component, the British Council in partnership with the World Bank organized, the International Social Enterprise Forum (ISEF) in March 2014 in Casablanca. More than three hundred participants attended from Morocco, MENA, East Asia and the UK representing government, the private sector and civil society.



“Provision of Employment and Inclusion Services for Youth in Morocco


The World Bank in partnership with British Council aims to organize in January 2015 a social entrepreneurship Boot Camp competition. For this purpose, a series of preparatory activities are envisioned, including an awareness raising, capacity building of trainers, training and coaching of entrants, considerable after-care and support to the winners, and monitoring and evaluation of the project.

The awareness campaign will be launched in early November 2014 to raise awareness about the possibilities that social enterprise can create in terms of job creation and provision of social services for youth, at the same time a pilot programme is programmed to support and finance Moroccan social enterprises.

The main objective of the campaign is to promote the general concepts and practices of social enterprise as well as promoting an associated “boot-camp and accelerator” training program for social entrepreneurs and NGOs looking to develop and grow their initiatives. The raising awareness campaign aims to:

  • Raise awareness of social enterprise as a concept among the public at large in the target community, and to encourage members of the community (young people) to come up with viable social business projects and ideas – business solutions to real social problems.
  • Give potential entrants/ participants some basic information on social enterprise, so they understand more fully what the competition is all about and can decide whether it is for them.
  • Explain the focus and rationale for the selected theme (i.e. employment services for unemployed youth).

The Boot camp will be designed for projects that are at the concept/pilot phase (i.e. have not yet started regular operations) as well as for projects that are operational at a small scale but which are not fully financially sustainable or need support to grow and scale.

Social Entrepreneurship organizations will be invited to apply to participate in the boot camp and after an initial screening, 30 social enterprises will be selected to participate in a boot camp. At the end of the boot camp the social enterprises will pitch their business plan to an expert panel of leaders from the business and civil society sectors in Morocco. 10 social enterprises will be selected to receive initial seed funding and 6 months of continued business consultancy support.

The British Council and the World Bank are looking for an organization working in the area of social entrepreneurship in order to support the programme.

Partner responsibilities and activities:

– Attend the Training of Trainers (TOT) on social entrepreneurship facilitated by British experts / trainers.

– Work closely with the British organisation on the identification and analysis of the social entrepreneurship sector in Morocco and the needs of social entrepreneurs in terms of training.

– Facilitate 4 workshops (November 2014) for young social entrepreneurs.

– Facilitate 2 events on social entrepreneurship (November / December).

– Assist the British consultants in the implementation of the training programme.

– Supervise participants during the Boot Camp.

– Monitor and support the winners of the Boot Camp Competition (coaching).


Availability: The partner must be flexible and be available between November 2014 and March 2015.

Location : Casablanca and Rabat.


The World Bank in partnership with British Council aims to launch the raising awareness campaign in November 2014 and the boot camp competition in January 2015.

Partner requirements:

  • Proven experience in the field of social entrepreneurship;
  • Strong ability and expertise in delivering training programmes and facilitating workshops in social enterprise.
  • Passion and commitment to achieve the social enterprise project objectives
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Fluency in French and Arabic is mandatory.
  • Excellent written and verbal English language skills.

To Apply:

Please respond to this invitation to tender stating:

  • Understanding of the brief and statement of purpose.
  • Explanation of the approach taken to achieve the objective and outputs listed.
  • A detailed schedule for the work including number of days needed to complete the project.
  • An up to date CV illustrating relevant experience.

The deadline for responses is 22 October 2014 at 10 a.m.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed on 27 October 2014 to further discuss their proposal and the work.

Please submit your tender to