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GOLDEN RESOURCES recrute plusieurs profiles


FHI 360 and partners, International Research and Exchange Board (IREX), Education for Employment (EFE) and Golden Resources (GR), will implement the USAID Career Center in Morocco. The activity will be implemented in close colaboration with Government of Morocco (GOM) counterparts, the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Education. USAID Career Center will play a central role in advancing USAID/Morocco and the GOM’s broader goal of increasing the employability of young Moroccans. The project will establish career development centers linked to universities and the vocational training system, and incorporate work readiness training into the Moroccan tertiary education system, vocational training system, and workplaces where these skills will contribute to the employability and performance of youth in the workplace.



The project aims to establish self-sufficient Career Centers within the universities, owned by the universities, and supported partly by the private sector.  The sustainable success of these centers depends on the genuine involvement of partnerships among all the different stakeholders of the system.

In order to determine the common goals and collective thinking of the key stakeholders and successfully pave the right path forward so that the USAID Career Center technical assistance is invested optimally, planning a Whole System in the Room (WSR) gathering is a wise first step.

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